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Blending ancient techniques with a distinctly modern sensibility, L'Objet creates objects inspired by the beauty of the natural world. A sumptuous visual feast of rich, refined colors and exquisite designs, each L'Objet creation is meticulously conceived and carefully hand-made by European and Asian master craftsmen. Incorporating such distinctive materials as 24k gold, platinum, Swarovski crystals, and fine Limoges porcelain, L'Objet combines unexpected elements and textures to create expressive, luxurious tableware and elegant home decor. Inspired by nature yet unmistakably civilized, L'Objet has redefined the art of home entertaining.

Aegean White
Byzanteum Blanc
Byzanteum Or
Byzanteum Platin
Byzanteum Tri-Color
Perlee Bleu
Perlee Platinum
Perlee White
Soie Tressee White